The Snook Nook FISHING REPORT Always Bring Your Camera! 

October 2015

FISHING 10/25/15

      Wind, wind and more wind,,,that pretty  much sums summed  up the week.  15/20knts  from the east and seas from
5/7 feet all week has slowed many if not all anglers.  How we went from summer to  winter in one week I sure do not
know but we did.  Had only two boats go and both went for Push Button Hill and that was more ride that I would want
but that is where  the Dolphin and the Sails were.  Now if that is where they were I would  have to say they were closer
but they got the fish and I am still thinking about it.  In a couple more weeks 3/4’ will be normal and then I will be out
running my baits deep looking for Wahoo and I should be there now but I will wait.  When talking with our boat captions
they all say it depends on where your clients are from if it’s the Carolinas we are going, it depends on where you are from.
Plenty of baits in the surf and plenty of fish with them just a little to close for conditions.
        The wind has kept many anglers from even trying the surf but knowing all the bait is there but you might want to
give it a try.  Blues, Macs, big Jacks along with Tarpon, Snook and many many Sharks of witch you can see sure adds to
it all.  So a “Spoon” two once or better is the best idea, knowing all those fish are there sure makes hard to not get in
a cast or two.  Blue fish and Jacks seem to be every where but with all the rest one more cast is a half too. Now if the seas
would dial down a bit or maybe we should get use to it?
         East side of the river or the bridges has been the location not that fish are not on both sides but how are you going
to fish in that wind?   From Nettles Island north to Blind Creek has plenty sheltered water and plenty of Trout a few Reds
and more Blues, Macs and Jacks to keep you busy.  Best time is early but as conditions are any time has been busy, still
lots of baits in the area.  Fishing the bridges fish flat side or  cast  a bait into the current and let the tide do the work.
Dark hours are still best if Snook will start your hart but there are so many others that like the flat water.  Lots of Macs
smaller but perfect table fare, along  with the Blues, Jacks and all the rest including the Snappers  it can be a nice day
if you do not get blown off the bridge and yes those are Pompano coming from the little flat bridge. Till next week
I will adjust to conditions.......................................HENRY/FRED

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