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November 2013

FISHING 11/17/13

So this week I will leave the weather man out and talk about fishing in the wind, I will adjust.

Lets go to the beach, this north wind and north east wind means bring the twelve foot rod out, see I am adjusting. Anglers need to ready for the long cast, the cast that will get you away from the white water, I know the surfers love this wind. As the wind blows it will lower the water temp and the Blue and Macs will come with it. With the east wind the edge will be turbid, lots of sand moving around weather man, preferred bait will be cut baits. These species hunt with their nose and they will follow the scent, they will find the bait. Spoons have to be seen and in the turbid water it can be difficult thank you weather man. That twelve foot rod will put you in the zone for Pompano and there has been a few small fish but legal. So get your self a bag of finger mullet, some four ounce sinkers and come on down, our winter species have arrived. With seas running 3í to 5í and close together I donít think I will adjust, young mans game and I am old.

Captain Pat Price who is young found his fish from 80í out trolling ballyhoo, Day Maker had a young group on board and if there are fish to be found he will find them, youth is sometimes wasted on the young. Then mister bigger is better, captain VJ Bell from Sea Check also found his catch in that 100í zone, he prefers trolling small ballyhoo, both reported fish to twenty pounds with a mix of Sails. 100í is the zone, talking with anglers from Ft. Pierce to Jupiter all comments started in that area, nothing reported for the bottom anglers, maybe a little to rock and roll. Not to worry guys I am not buying a bigger boat.

Anglers fishing east side of the Indian River and the South Fork were talking about the Reds, over the slot Reds. With overcast days we have had any time was a good time, using small gold spoons and soft rubber baits.

Plenty of Trout in the area of the power plant, sheltered flat water using suspending lures and shrimp jigs again any time was good, over cast skies. Plenty of Blues, Jacks and Lady fish to keep you busy and then the bridges. All week it has been the location with all of the above and Drum, Sheephead, Mangroves and Snook with all the right conditions. On the north side Snook they love strong currents, on the south side it is Drum and mangroves, prefer the quiet water but in the middle of it all it is Blues, Macís throw in a few I have forgotten, lots of rod benders.

So in spite of the conditions I have adjusted, ready for winter...................HENRY


FISHING 11/10/13

This week was another week that fell victim to the weathermanís scorn. Just because he can not get off work he wants to make sure that that we do not get his share of the fish. North and north east wind have kept any anglers tied to the dock. Most days being 15mph and seas as high eight feet have limited our ability to go near the water. As usual Captains VJ Bell and Pat Price are quick to point out it is all in the size of the boat.

So, yes VJ and Sea Check did fish two day this week and as chief mate Nick was quick to point out how close the Dolphin and Sails action started, 125í. Several nice weed lines and rips held plenty of Dolphin and in the mix were wandering Cobia and Triple Tail and we were home and they were there. Plenty of Spanish Macís south of the inlet but not a word on bottom fish. Four foot seas and that north wind made for the week to get caught up on the repairs I have been putting off, still trying fit that bigger boat in the drive.

Surf has been questionable changing from day to day and hour to hour. Yes it is Blue Fish weather and the cool mornings put plenty of Macs in the mix. Every day being a 3 or oz. morning to get over the white water. One needed that weight in each pocket to keep from blowing away. Anglers that braved the weather found fish on cut baits, these fish hunt with their nose and the cut bait puts out the scent that they are looking for.

Heard about Whiting and Croaker and a few small Pompano but to be honest not to many anglers showed at the surf edge, may be this week will differ. East wind gave anglers the excuse they wanted to fish the North Fork and South Fork on the St Lucie rivers.

Always a go to get away from the wind with its curves and treed shore lines and Reds and Snook tot eh south and more Reds and Snook to the north watch for the Mullet was the key. Plenty of Spanish Macs south of the 10 cent bridge and Trout in Willoughby Creek, sorry no Pompano at Hells Gate but Mother Nature is back in control this could be the week. East shore of the Indian River has been home to many including Blues, Macs and Jacks and lots of short Snook on just about any thing you wanted to cast. No special time that east wind kept a lot of water in the river. Bridges continue to be the place if you donít mind the wind and those big and bigger Snook bending your rod and all those anglers at the Roosevelt it is Black Drum a plenty. So many you had better know the limits, the Game Warden does.

Starting to sound like a broken record maybe next week some Pompano......

Have a good week.......HENRY


FISHING 11/3/13

North wind has been blowing and sometimes really blowing, lets call it a change of seasons. Cooler temps mean cooler water and that may have had something to do with the ten pound Flounder from the Indian River Side park pier or the two six pounders from the Jensen Beach Causeway. That cooler water might be the reason for the schools of way over the slot Reds not to mention the Spanish Macís in the river, a change of seasons.

We are lucky because we have these fish with us all year but as the water cools that is when the numbers pick up, so it may be a little cooler, I will adjust. Trout and Reds have been strong but as the wind keeps changing direction picking your location can be difficult. Top of the slot Trout with plenty of slot Reds eating just about anything that is presented. Fishing the power plant area or the inlets early is best but never caught a fish with a watch on and the cooler water will keep them moving. If Flounder start your hart slide a shrimp along the bottom, take the bait to the fish, look along drop off no mater how small, they will be on the down side waiting. It seems the big Spanish have arrived and they will bite any thing that moves but chrome and shiny get most attention. Bridges, flats, surf it seems they are every where, any time is good for this species and in the mix is some nice Blues on spoons and cut bait. Snook are still here but you will have to locate them, mullet have moved on and so the fish have spread out, not that they are not at the bridges but they are a little more careful about what they eat.

Surf is pretty much the same as last week with big Whiting and Croaker holding most attention. Not only are they good size but they are there all day, so any time is a good time. Blues and Jacks are there for the early morning angler or watch your tide chart and catch the high tide. Spoons and cut bait top the list and with this wind a bigger spoon will get you there. Please do not leave your equipment because the Jacks are of good size and they will take it home with them. Pompano, still small there have been a few bigger fish but most have been just legal. Plenty of sand fleas so bring your rake and get ready for the bigger fish. That north and north east wind has made for most if not all three once days, the fish donít mind they will be there.

Off shore it has been 170í Dolphin, Sails, Wahoo and a Cobia or two then there is conditions. Wind has mixed up the off shore scene, guess I should have gotten a bigger boat. Sporty was the way it was described to me. Big patches of weed, excellent color and sporty, not sure what that means. But again this week it was to the south trolling bally hoo. Not big Dolphin but plenty of them, Cobia were taken buy that pitch, rod, these fish were in the weeds. Changing conditions kept most anglers waiting but then it does depend on the size of the boat.

I know get use to it soon it will be normal but I am such a wimp..........................HENRY

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