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May 2015

Fishing 5/24/15
                  It is summer and who knows when the wind will blow, early or late who knows
but at some point it will.  But it has not been an all day so you have to plan and the
conditions you are looking for are just a few hours  away.
Surf anglers it has been great conditions, flat water all morning.  If you are the Snook or
Tarpon angler you might have to look for these fish but you will find them.  Look for  some
activity, cast your lure north or south, the fish are up close.  After sun up look in the same trough
now it is time for table fare, Whiting and Croaker. Now it is time for the wind to start and the
Snook and Tarpon will be back, after sun up they like it when it gets a little sporty.
          River was flat most of the week but then there were times when the east side was the
time to fish. Yes it is summer and the water is warm so fish early.  Good Trout bite with a mix
of Reds and some Jacks that will take your equipment home.  But you have to be in the water
at the coolest part of the day. Tarpon before sun rise and the bridges are the location, you can
watch them rolling and I think they might be laughing at us for being there that early.  Snook time
is getting short, seven days and that is it, evening hours or after that wind turns the water and tests
their ability.  Look to fish under the catwalk or under the docks, you will want to fish is the shadows,
the fish want out of that bright sun.  Plenty of Lady Fish, Jacks, Snapper and Flounder to keep one
busy.  You know I think those Tarpon are laughing at me.
          Off shore it was hit or miss, depending on the time and the wind.   One morning it was Dolphin
in that 60’80’ zone and the next it was impossible.  Plenty of bait on Tuesday not to be found the next
and then it was afternoon south of the inlet.  It is summer fishing, time to pay attention watch for the rips,
look for color changes and watch for bait.  Headed  for the reefs, pay attention to your bottom machine
look for the edges and live baits will surly get the attention you are looking for.  Well guys sure
which I has more just a little short on reports......till next week I sure love summer........Henry
Fishing 5/17/15
            Well sort of a mixed week with the weather,  but all I all it has been a pretty
nice week in spite of the wind.  It just depends on where you are fishing and how.
          Off shore that east wind moved the grass and the Dolphin up closer,  not big fish
but plenty  of them to sort thru. Many anglers reported slow for dragging baits, well we
didn’t have to travel to far, thank you for the wind.  Now if you were paying attention
you would have noticed some thing was going on at the edged, live baits found them.
These fish were below the grass edges, live baits got their attention, lots of small but if
you put a little weight on your leader and got your bait deeper that is where the fish were
feeding.  Fifteen to twenty pound Dolphin, had to sort thru them but they were there and it
all started up close.  Bottom fish was the call, lots of sardines went out this week.  Favored
depth was 60/125’ and putting a sardine down got their attention.  It seemed like a lot of
wind for the week end as a mater of fact a little to much for this old man but if you didn’t
mind the rock and roll it was a good  day.
      Fishing the week end it was D.O.A.. time with 110 entries, that’s a lot of sped bumps.
Wish I could tell you more but just not in the loop, next week we will have it all.  Trout
has been the target and these fish were glad to take your baits, Power Plant area was busy
anglers fishing early  had the best bite then moving it to the shaded water was next.  If you
are looking please fish early, it is summer the water is warm.  Fish the coolest part of the day,
sun up, put a shrimp on a jig and hang on.  Snook have been every where from  docks to open
water and the interesting part is they are feeding all day.  Yes early or gray hours have been best
but we have heard about plenty all day.  Slot size has been the problem, anglers are talking
about a lot of fish just not in the slot.  With the Stuart Causeway closed for the week end I did not
hear about Tarpon or big Jacks in the inlet but we know they were there.  Boat racing  sure  cuts
into lot of information that I know we missed, high speed trolling, we will have to look into that.
Plenty of fish at the causeway , good Snapper bite and plenty of Drum to keep busy with and
watch that slot on the Snook.
        Plenty of Snook in the surf, if it moves they want a bite.  Wind has played havoc  on the
surf anglers and it seems it has been east wind all week.  In spite of the wind the Whiting
have kept a lot of angers busy, so do not forget the ice.  Size 4/0 live bait hook on a small
whiting will  find plenty of action, I said action not slot size.  I wonder how the boat racing
is doing?????????????????????.........................HENRY
Fishing 5/10/15
             Nice weekend, sun, no wind and a very polite sea made for some easy fishing.
That is if mothers day did not bring extra thing to do.
            Sure have heard about some nice Dolphin catch's, fish up to thirty pounds and the
best part is they were up close.  As polite as the seas have been not sure if that would have changed
the list.  Fish both  north and south of our inlet from 80’ to 150’ not a lot of fish but quality catch's
have been reported.   Black Fins are still at the Hill with plenty of Bonita to keep you busy, small
squid chains have been keeping their attention.  Yes there has been plenty of live bait with “Greenies”
of size in the deeper waters. Now lets go the to the bottom dwellers,  100’ to 125’ has been the
zone.  Put a pin fish down on 80’ test  and hang on, good snapper bite in the mix but plenty of
Goliath in the mix also.
           Lots of big Trout at the Power Plant area, but you have to fish early, once that sun comes
out these fish are going deep or to shaded areas.  Plenty of Reds in the mix along with Jacks and
Lady Fish and the Jacks don’t seem to mind that bright sun.  Top water early then a jig with a shrimp
on it will find them all.  Good Snook bite threw out the area with some real big fish at the bridges
and  the inlet, low light has been the secret, live bait preferred. Black Drum, Sheephead , Snapper
and a whole list of Lady Fish and Jacks have kept most busy at the bridges. Fish early or late, that
bright sun will keep the fish deep.
           Surf anglers if Snook and Tarpon is your target fish before sun up and fish up close
not in the Bahamas, these fish are at your feet.  Plenty of Croaker and Whiting after sun up
but if you want to play with the big boys fish early.  If Dinner is your target do not forget the
ice, Whiting and Croaker are the best and remember to save one filet for later, have a great
 FISHING 5/3/15
                  Off shore was a quiet week, not to many anglers.   Dolphin were small but we has a good
mix of Sails to keep busy with.   Three to five foot and close  was the problem mix with a good wind
and now you know why not many anglers were out.  Fish that were taken were in 125’ straight out of
the inlet and yes there were Bonita small but there.  Few Black Fins at the Hill but again more Bonita,
well the rods were bent.  Lots of anglers were looking forward to Grouper Season on the first but  conditions
slowed most,only heard about a few and they were small.  Favored bait has been sardines for the bottom
anglers but this weeks forecast is looking sporty so before going check your weather and make sure your
crew is ready.
            Surf anglers started with a good week for Snook and Tarpon but then came the wind
and you know the rest of the story.  Anglers fishing early casting big Chuggers found their catch up close
and then the wind, even a big spoon was hard to control.  It has been three or four once days  but
plenty of Whiting and Croaker again up close to take home.   Temps are great, lots of sun but this wind,
do not forget the ice you will need it.
            Well it is all about the east side of the river, fishing has been real good.   Trout and Reds a very
busy bite. Not to say there are none on the west it is just hard to fight  the wind.  Power Plant north
plenty of slot Trout and few bigger with plenty of Reds eating shrimp on a jig head.  Early anglers have
found plenty on top water but after that sun comes out put that shrimp on a jig and work it slowly across
the bottom.  Look at the shaded water that is where the Reds go first then to deeper water, that
weighted jig will find them.  Snook pick a bridge, the worst the weather  the better they like it, dark hours
and moving water with a live bait and hang on. Then there is the Tarpon, I call them young men's catch because
I am not fishing any thing that long.  But please pay attention these fish will take your equipment home
and laugh at you with your friends.   Wind, well it is better than rain.............................henry

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