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March 2015

 FISHING 3/1/15
         One crazy week of weather, from cold to wind to sunshine we have a full
deck of weather including the rain.  Depending on the day and location there were
fish to catch.  The week started warmer, the wind laid down and the Pompano were
eating.  Saw a lot of happy surf anglers, the best part was an all day bite. mater of fact
there was three days of bite, then the wind started to blow.  Oh well it was Blues and
Jacks with a mix Mac’s to keep the surf anglers happy.   This group is not as picky as  the
Pomp's, if it moves or smells like  a fish you have a bent rod.  Now I prefer warm temps,
less wind and a late morning bite, yes I am old but I still like those Blue fish. If we get
the surf to settle we can back to the Pompano and there will all ways be my favorite.
         Off shore has been a little ruff, depends on the size of your boat.  Seas as high
seven foot kept most anglers tied to the dock but there were a few that had to go.
On their catch list were plenty of small Dolphin with a good mix of Sails that kept rods
bent, pulling ballyhoo was the solution.   These fish were in the 150’ feet of water, they
were shallow  and probably deeper but that is the area that the waves got a little further
apart. Good King fish bite on the numbers but a little sporty for this old man, bottom fish
were there with a mix of bigger AJ’s.  Conditions is the best description I can give for the week.
           River anglers had a good week if they just paid attention to the wind.  East or west
side get out your charts and you can find the flat water or how about the North Fork . 
Most of our fish  can be happy with the conditions.  Now about those Pompano,this group
prefers calmer water, water that is clear not as busy and that is the reason it seemed
they were everywhere.  Red fish were on the west side of the river, fish those long docks,
a live shrimp on a jig head will get their attention.  Trout on the east side, fish deeper 3’/5’
is the zone.  But no matter where you were fishing the wind was the problem. Only fish that
finds the wind and ruff water  to their favor is Snook. They favor those conditions, strong species
that will go into the strong churned water and wait for dinner to wash by.  Wind can make or
break your day, pay extra attention, have a good week...................HENRY
 FISHING 3/8/15
             Sunday, a beautiful day but a little sporty for the offshore anglers, 4.9’ and five seconds apart
is a little to much for an old man like me.  Talked with Pat Price of Day Maker charters and 240’
was his location, most were saying their zone 200’ to 300’ it was all about small Dolphin, ten pound
fish.  The few days of moderate water were for the morning angler because as the day moved on so
did the conditions. Mid week we had a full catch, King's in 60’,  a Wahoo or two to keep every body interested and
for the bottom anglers, Cobia and snapper have been on the menu.  Plenty of small dolphin in that 200’
zone. Where there are small Dolphin, there are big Dolphin, run a bait down get below the little ones. Also, slow down,
deep running plugs, that Bomber CD30 will get you to the zone.  May be I should just get a bigger boat?
           What happened to my Blue fish? They were always a favorite for the morning surf angler and now it seems it’s
all about Pompano.  My favored Blues have taken the back seat to Pompano, that what happens when they move in.  All week these
fish have been in the trough and 8’ rod is all that has been needed.  Most anglers have been casting way out
when the fish are at your feet, start with a medium cast and move your baits in, heard from several anglers the fish
are up close and I promised not to tell!  Clams and sand fleas favored for the week. Been plenty of Whiting with a mix
of Mac’s  and Jack’s to keep every body busy.
           In the river this week, Capt. Mark Dravo had to send pictures of Trout to prove to me that there are
plenty of big fish to be caught. I said some thing about slot fish and he laughed and sent me to many
pictures so we will not talk to him any more.  Trout bite has been excellent north of Little Mud creek, all of
Marks pictures had mangroves in the background,  he fishes live shrimp on a jig head, small bucktails and live baits.
Look for the snook to start making a presence back on the flats with the warmer temperatures.
If it is solely Snook you seek work the bridges, jigs, Bomber plugs, Sisco Kids, and Yo zuri crystal minnows will get you started.
FISHING 3/22/15
            Spring is here and as It would seem, the weather man has had some pity on us over the last few weeks.   Locals, northerners and spring breakers alike have enjoyed an impressive 2 weeks of weather here in South Florida.  Little to zero winds have created a flat calm ocean, a glassed out river and some pretty awesome fishing!  Lots to talk about so we will get right to it.
            As most of us know, the month of February was not too kind to anyone that wanted to fish outside of their local inlet, thankfully the winds of March have been a little more cooperative.  Dolphin fishing has been good to spectacular depending on the day.  Fish ranging from 8lbs – 25lbs have been caught in depths ranging from 130’ – 240’.  Trolled ballyhoo with pink/white or blue/white skirts have been very productive, not only do skirts add color, they also prolong the life of your ballyhoo by keeping it from washing out.  Cobia have made a good showing the last few weeks, but right behind them are the sharks.  Leave the light tackle at home, or your Cobia dinner will quickly become the sharks breakfast.  Shallow wrecks and reefs will be your location, the Sand Pile, Evans Crary rubble, and the Bullshark barge to name a few.
        The beach fishing has been consistent with a few pompano around when the conditions are right.  The key to these fish is to find that turquoise water, and bring the long rods.  Plenty of whiting and croaker around to keep you busy as well.  Fish bites in the pink and orange shrimp flavors have been the hottest thing going.  Lets not forget about the big jacks on the move, throw a big top water plug early or a silver spoon and hang on!
        The Snook bite around the inlet has continued to get better with the rising water temperatures on the incoming tide.  Large shrimp work well but pilchards and threadfins are a sure bet if you want to catch a linesider. There are plenty of docks and seawalls that hold fish through out the day as well.  When fishing docks and structure be sure you have a stout enough rod to turn a big fish, if you get wrapped up on the pilings, open your bail to release the tension and sometimes the fish will swim out.   The Trout fishing has been all about quality over quantity.  Nice fish up to 9lbs reported from both the east and west sides of the river.  Vitola park and Middle cove on the East side, and North of Walton road on the west side.  The Redfish bite has been better north, but the small male Snook have been prevelant with waders reporting catches of 10+ per trip.  Most fish have been ranging from 18-25 inches but a few bigger fish starting to show in the shallows as well.  Top water plugs early have been the ticket, I am a sucker for the Rapala Skitterwalk in the ST pattern, but the Bomber Badonkadonk, Heddon Super Spook and the Mirro lure top pup are favorites as well.
          Some great fishing in store for all of us for the next few months, look forward to seeing everyone out there!
Tight lines from the Snook Nook
Fred Caimotto

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