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March 2013

 FISHING 3/31/13
Let see last week it was afternoon bite, this week it was early morning how do they know, I have never
caught a fish with a watch on. But if Dolphin was your target and you did not go, well you should have been here yesterday.
From a little north of the inlet to half way to Jupiter, from 80í to 200í, trolling or live baiting it was Dolphin.
Some Black Fins were in the mix along with plenty of Bonita, did not hear of any Cobia to speak of but then
no one is saying anything about the Permit, that is all that gold you see at the Sand Bar but I am not saying either.
Sails made a appearance but so did the Smoker Kings and Wahoo, just run a big bait deep, it works. Heard about
Muttons and Lanes at the Loran Tower, sardines were the favorite and yes the bite was excellent Finally it is getting
warmer and I wonít be one of those anglers that should have been here yesterday.
This is the time when we see the bigger Blues and I have heard about a few, cut bait has been at the top of
the list. Still not enough of them to use a spoon but then what do I know, Mr. should have been here yesterday.
Stay away from the turbid water, look for the blue water and no complaints with all or access points it is not hard
to find clean water. Fish early for the Blues, Macís and Jacks they like that cooler water, Pompano and Whiting
are there for the late morning angler, clams and shrimp proffered. still a little cool for the Snook. Should start
warming up this month and they will be there I promise.
River anglers had a hard week with wind changing directions every hour. Finally the Macís and Blues are leaving
so you bait is safe, just kidding. Looking for some flat water that was not turbid then the wind changed direction
and you were again looking, well the fish that I heard of were in 4/5í of water, nice Trout and a few Reds but
every one mentioned a Flounder or two. Bite time was mid morning, live bait prefered. Bridges still have plenty
of Drum, Sheephead, a few big Macís, strong tidal movement was the bite time. April,finally we should be in
line for some warm weather, finally..........................................................Henry
FISHING 3/24/13
Finally three days with out a jacket, now lets work on this wind, I am ready for summer. Yes, I want that warm quiet surf even if I canít catch
a Pompano. Finally this week we had Pompano on the beach, no special time they were just in and eating. Had anglers reporting catch's in the mid
morning thru late afternoon, from the long cast anglers to the guys that fish up close they caught Pompano. Clams and sand fleas were the favorites
with every one taking home three or four and that is a lot better than the week before. Blue fish were with us till late afternoon and the Whiting all
day, only heard of one Snook but summer is coming, lets hope for next week.
Anglers drifting around in the Inlet found plenty of big Macís with a mix of Blues and yes a few Pompano. Cut bait on a 3/0 long shank hook
sure caught a bunch of the toothy critters, no need to go out of the Inlet if the Macs were your target there was plenty right there. Every anglers
commented on the activity in the Inlet, it was solid Macs thru the day.
River was run over by the Macís, Roosevelt bridge, marker 19#, the Causeways on north to the Power plant and beyond, lots of Macs. The fish
moved in waves, you could see them coming, jumping and swirling and eating every thing in sight. If it moved or flashed they were on it, that flash
minnow jig, got-cha, small spoons and cut baits took their toll. These were big Macís anglers all commented on their size, four were plenty. Trout
bite was good all week with most in the slot using suspending lures then the Macís showed up. Reds made a good show early again till the Macís
came through. Sheep head and Drum at the causeways again till the Macís came through and if the Pompano wanted to show which they did the
Macís run them off also, lots of Macs no mater where you were fishing. Only solution was to move because that is what all the fish did, get out of
their way. This week should be a good week for Snook, after the cold turned them off this warmer temps will wake them up. It has been a week
of slow fishing for the line siders and it is time for them to eat, pick abridge after sun down and please do not bring a knife to a gun fight.
Off shore it has been the color lines that have held the fish, from 130í to 300í plenty of Dolphin. Interesting it has been a late morning bits so
finish breakfast them come on down. Polite seas made it possible for most anglers, small ballyhoo was the preferred bait trolled up one side and
down the other on those color lines. If you are on a line and it starts to get crowded just move out to the next line there has been that many, most fish
were in the ten to fifteen pound class. A few Cobia were reported following the Turtles but the Remoras were thick and taking any cast that was made
to the Cobia, maybe next week end our luck will change.
Have great and warm week............................................HENRY
Fishing 3/16/13
Finally the high seas have settled and the white surf is giving way to the blue water. Finally we can go to the surf edge and catch a fish, Blues, Jacks, Whiting and
a few Pompano. Not sure where the Pompano went this year but the conditions were not favorable for the species. Even the Blues were not as strong as in the previous
season again the water was warm and then when the temps were favorable the seas kept anglers from the edge. Not sure what the plans are for the beach but when
the crew starts pumping the sand in Martin County it may be time to check out the access in St Lucie County, turbid water will not be favorable. So the Blues have finally
made a good showing, cut baits are best, still not enough for a spoon, cut bait the smell will help them locate the bait, spoons they will have to see. Whiting are back in the
trough and a piece of shrimp will locate them quickly, late morning preferred. Now about those Pompano, a few here and there but enough to say a location or time but the
two that you put on the beach will be of good size, mother nature taking care of her crew.
Off shore it was big rollers till the week end, but a lot of fish were caught. Good bite from north of the inlet on the eighty line, 180í to 250í were some excellent
color lines with a mix of weeds and plenty of Dolphin, not big but ten to fifteen pound class. Bite varied with time but anglers all came in with fish. Very good one day
slowed up the next but as I said earlier all anglers came home with fish. Few Kings in the 60í area on the numbers not big smokers but the right size for the grill, live baits
found most of them. Bait was not an issue this week, did not hear one call on the radio looking so there must have been plenty. Seas have settled maybe a good time
to get close to the beach and see if there just maybe a Cobia or two looking to get fed, 30í is a good start.
River settled down quickly and still waiting for the Pompano, looks like we may wait till next season. A few here and a few there with most being dark in color tells
me these are our resident fish, no special time, from boat or bridge you just had to be there. Troubut the right size for the grill, live baits
found most of them. Bait was not an issue this week, did not hear one call on the radio looking so there must have been plenty. Seas have settled maybe a good time
to get close to the beach and see if there just maybe a Cobia or two looking to get fed, 30í is a good start.
River settled down quickly and still waiting for the Pompano, looks like we may wait till next season. A few here and a few there with most being dark in color tells
me these are our resident fish, no special time, from boat or bridge you just had to be there. Trout bite has been excellent with a lot of fish in the top of the slot, the cool thing is the bite time has been mid morning, suspending baits is the answer. More Reds this week as anglers were able to fish the west side of our river, work those long docks
from shallow to deep, shrimp and jigs caught them. Snook bite was so, so nothing special, these fish were still cold from last week. if Snook is the target wait for the sun to
warm the shallow water and look there. Yes the dark hour is the hour but these fish like it warm and they will move from deep to shallow to find their comfort zone.
Finally it is starting to warm, now I can go fishing.....................................Henry
FISHING 3/10/13
Off shore we started the week with great fishing from 30í out we had Dolphin, Sails, Kings and Cobia. If there were to many
boats in one location all you had to do was go deeper to next color line and you were back in the fish, lots of fish. Anglers reported
as many as six for eight on Sails and more Dolphin than you wanted. Trolling or live baiting the fish were eating, most of the Dolphin
were gaffers and the Sails were every where, very busy fishing. Cobia fishing was a little different, they follow the Sharks so if you did
get one on and you were not fast enough the Sharks had their way with your catch. Talked with several anglers that just gave up, they felt
like they just feeding the men in gray suits. But as the week progressed so did the seas, building to 8í kept many week end anglers just
looking and saying we should have gone yesterday. Looking at pictures of the St. Lucie Inlet at points the rock jetty's were covered buy
big rollers, not a good idea. Will settle down this week and maybe we can get out this coming week, let hope the fish are still with us.
Big rollers took their toll on the beach, lots of white water. As the seas settle Blue Fish and Jacks will keep most busy as the
second rod is looking for the Pompano. After two or three years of great Pompano fishing we are still waiting for them to show. Checking
last years reports the month of March was the busiest for Pompano, now if the seas will settle and the turbity leaves the waters edge
maybe we can go the beach and find a few that is if the Blues will leave our baits alone.
With the east wind it has been the east side of the river that is holding attention. Excellent Trout bite all week on everything, live
to all types of artificial baits were getting attention. Three to four feet was the zone working baits slowly across the bottom, from Middle
Cove south to Joeís Point we had reports of slot Trout to over the slot, cool thing, the bite time was all day. Few Blues and Lady Fish in the
mix with the occasional Red Fish but the rods were bent all day. Bridges, it was Sheep head and Drum, some Blues and a few Macís
kept anglers busy but the Snook were just not hungry. Early in the week Snook were chewing getting ready for the cold, mother nature
tell them when and eat they did, lot of fish to look at but hard to get one to eat, it is warming this week, so get ready. Yes, there were a
few Pompano but small, lets hope for this week.
Now if only the wind and swells will settle........................................Fred
FISHING 3/3/13
Two mornings I opened and the temps were in the fortyís, oh well anything for a Pompano. We had two great years od Pompano starting
in November and then there is this year, still waiting for the run. Water temps have been unusual to the warm side but finally weather that
will bring down the water temps and bring I some Pompano. Had several anglers in today saying they finally caught some on the beach, not
sure what some means but at least they are talking. Interesting thing has been the bite has been all day, plenty of Croaker, Whiting and lets
hope more Pompano. Most interesting is the catch, Whiting and Croaker are up close and in the mix were the Pompano, so just maybe a little
longer cast and you would really be in the Pomp's, clams and sand fleas were the favored baits but the Fish Bites sure seem to work. Blue Fish
for the anglers using cut baits, small 3/5 lbs.' ,excellent table fare and again the bite has been all day if you like standing in the cold. In as much
as I complain about the cold our sun shines bright so I guess it is not so bad and back to any thing for a pompano.
Trout from many locations, in spite of the cooler temps the fish are chewing and they are mid slot to bigger, mid morning being the best time,
Favored bait has been live, lure anglers you have to slow your baits down, real slow. Reds like the cooler water, east or west side of the river
with an early time favored. Now if you are looking to bend a rod the Jacks and Lady Fish are every where, 20/30lbsí Jacks in big schools around the
power plant and in that mix a big Ladyís with schools of Blues to keep you on your toes. Snook have been busy eating for the last few days, not sure
what these cold days will do they may just go deep and forget to eat. Lots of small Snook in the flats, lots of big Snook at the bridges, sun down is the
preferred time.
Off shore it has been real good for Dolphin, just talked to Day Maker charters and he put six in the boat and had two Sails all that in 200í east
of the inlet. All week the zone has been from 150í out to 200í on the color lines. Most are trolling small ballyhoo with a large on the down line,
just in case there is a Wahoo and yes there were two. Due to conditions the close up fishing for Cobia has been not working. Most of the Cobia
are sight fished and the surf has been cloudy, not that the fish are not there but to run that close to the edge in these condition? Well all this
weather is for the Pompano anglers and I hope they are happy, cold not to sure of this...............................................HENRY

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