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June 2015

Fishing 6/21/15
        If you’re a small boat angler, this is your time.  The Atlantic has a tendency to look more like Henderson pond this time of year, flat calm and gettable by even the smallest of boats.  Recent reports have been great, from Marlin to Mutton snapper, fishing has been incredible across the board.  Pilchards, Threadfins, and Sardines have all been available depending on your location.  Look along the beaches for your pilchards and threads, while shallow structure like the Bull shark barge, Sand Pile, and Evans Crary rubble will offer up the sardines.  Keeping a variety of sabiki rigs of different sizes and colors will ensure that you spend less time catching bait and more time catching fish.  Also, Keeping a small DE hooking tool on board will limit how much you handle the baits, less flopping around on the deck will equal much healthier bait.  This week’s depths have ranged with Sailfish, Dolphin and Cobia being caught in as shallow as 50’, while Push Button hill has been the location for the Blackfin Tuna.  Not the normal “football” sized tuna were used to seeing either, some fish being caught over 25lbs!  Along with the tuna have been Wahoo, like the 55lb fish we weighed here at the shop this past week, and a few Blue Marlin around as well.  Keep in mind it is summer, keep an eye on the weather if you plan on making it a full day.
        The weather is hot and you must fish early, at one point this week the water on the flats reached 91 degrees.  Fish early and fish fast, the first two hours in the morning are your zone.  Top water plugs early, as the sun comes up use live shrimp on a jig head or under a popping cork.  Lots of Redfish on the west side from Walton Road North, Trout have been plentiful as well, your key is to find the grass.  Soft plastics like the Arkansas glow paddle tail in the Doa as well as the Monster 3X shrimp will catch you fish.  Take the time to release those big trout, the combination of heat and size will often make them wormy anyway.  Snook season is closed, so of course they are chewing.  The inlets and bridges still hold fish, take the barbs off the hook or use circle hooks to ensure the fish swims away unharmed.  Tarpon being caught in the crossroads on the incoming tide, live baits working best. 
        The beach has come alive with Whiting, Croaker, Sand Perch , Sharks, Tarpon, Snook, big Jack Crevelles and really, the weather could not be more perfect for it.  If it’s the Whiting your looking for pick a beach, if your seeking bigger fish look for the bait.  Large masses of Pilchards, Threadfins, and minnows of all sorts move up and down the beach this time of year, if you’re a live bait fan keep a small sabiki rig or a cast net on hand.  Spoons, DOA Bait Busters, Gulp baits and whatever your favorite floater/diver plug may be work great as well, early will be key along with a higher tide.  Most casting is done from North to South, the first trough is where 75% of the fish will be.  That Whiting or Croaker that might not be big enough to eat will make great bait, throw a 6/0 circle hook in his nose and send him back out.  Remember, never wander far from your rod and reel with a bait on it, or you will be coming to see us for a new one.  When chasing Tarpon and Snook beachside use a 5000 or 6000 size reel with a 7’6’’ – 8’  15/30lb rod, line capacity is crucial as well.  Make sure you have at least 200 yards of 20lb mono or 30lb braid, especially when getting after those Tarpon.  We are lucky to have the free and extensive beach access that we do, whatever you bring out there, make sure it comes back with you or makes it into a garbage can.
  fishing 6/14/15
               Surf anglers this is the time, be down to the surf edge early, pay attention for the bait schools
and make that cast.  Watch for activity that will put you on the fish and there is plenty.  North or south
there is a catch to be made, spoons, that Bomber, the wind cheater to name a few and yes live bait will
work, watch for the bait.  Snook and Tarpon it is their time, water is perfect you just have to be there.
Lots of twenty pound line and forty pound leader will get you started.  Can not make that dawn time catch
a high tide but dawn is the answer, fish that trough, the fish are up that close and once you get one on
you will know what I was talking about when I said lots of line.  Real sharp hooks and take the barbs off
you are going to release them as quick as possible, step into the water please don’t crank them up into the
sand, is the camera ready?   Snook and Tarpon young mans game I am old and love the Whiting and
Croaker there all day and piece of shrimp will get them, just my speed.
              River anglers you have to fish early, by ten you should be on your way for breakfast.  Good Trout,
Reds, Jacks and Flounder in many locations but early is the secret. From Nettles Island to Little Mud is
the area, the cool part is they are chewing what ever you are throwing.  Has to be early, as the sun rises look
deeper then they will shut off, they want out of the sun.  So we can’t get there early look to fish the shaded water,
under docks, tree lines or the bridges, some place away fro the sun.   Jacks, Snapper and Drum will fill your
catch list or go early  and get beat beat buy the Tarpon and Snook again dawn is the best time for them, me
being old I will sleep in and hear about   the catch.  Not a lot of Flounder but it seems every body is catching
one or two and the good part is they re of good size and I can catch them when I get up.
             Summer fishing out of our inlet, 55lb Wahoo, Black Fins 30lb  class, small Dolphin and the
Grouper bite was on.  Not a lot of fish but some nice fish and all were caught just being there.  These fish
were between 80’ and 150’ taking dead bait and the Sails were hungry and plenty of them.  Lazy days  but
quality fish, no method but quality fish.  Anglers were looking for Snapper and all they could find were
Grouper, makes an angler fell bad.  Those of us that feel real bad are the angler that did not get your baits
wet but I will this week................................HENRY

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