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January 2014

FISHING 1/26/14

Finally Sunday and I can take off my jacket. Been a cold week and it depends on whom you talk to if is good or not so good for fishing. Pompano anglers are happy, this is the first week I have heard about limit catch's. Sail fish anglers are thrilled with multiple hook ups, well that is two. Please donít ask our Trout fans and Snook anglers the season is closed any way. Then there is me, Cold.

Cooler temp have lowered the water temps and now the Pompano have mover in to surfs edge, this week end it has been limit catch's for the surf anglers. Many reports from County Line access north, so good that they had to be south also, for the medium cast to the long, Pompano. Clams and Sand Fleas were preferred but Fish Bites were in the game. Plenty of Whiting and Croaker, yes you needed a bucket to bring home your catch. Interesting Blue Fish were not the target, Temps were right, seas were polite but I guess not one was interested. Cut baits and spoons would be the bait but not for Pompano, they stole the show this week. Anytime before three was a good time and I believe the anglers just tired not the fish.

I donít care it was cold all week, from 80í to 200í feet I heard about doubles, triples more Sails than one could keep up with. Small ballyhoo was the trolled bait and for every one that bit there was two following.

It is that time of the year when you have to pay attention, drop that bait back and watch your others,do not be so quick to clear the lines. Nothing better to watch two anglers and three Sails on, one funny fire drill. Kings were out this week on the numbers, not big but worth the target, run a bait down to get their interest. Cobia were scattered around the 40í north of the inlet, live bait was the only thing they would look at and please if you are not sure use a net not the gaff and those were Permit you were looking at, so where is your live bait.

Finally the Spanish Macís decided to eat Saturday, one cast one fish, back to normal. River it is cold making a lot of Pompano anglers happy, all one had to do was count the boats in Hells Gate

or just north of inlet across the Sail Fish Flats and in the true Pompano tradition their comments were, well there was a few. in this cooler clear water if you were not catching maybe your leader is to heavy, the water is clear go down in size, you may have to go to 15lb that is the reason one angler on the bridge is catching and the rest are watching. Reds were tight on the shore line, look around the those long docks, look at the treed shore lines and fish a bait across the bottom. Trout are a hard catch, five feet of water and down on the bottom, a jig with a shrimp on it presented slowly, they will pick up your bait not grab it, so if your bait stops set the hook.

Plenty of Flounder all week anglers are fishing in their zone but then the Blue Fish eat any thing that moves, it is a hard mix that is the reason it is called fishing not catching, have a great week...............Henry


FISHING 1/19/14

Cold and I am freezing but a lot of Pompano anglers are happy and just as many Blue Fish fans are thrilled.

One day they have been south the next day north but defiantly here. These days of cold have lowered the water temps to a more confortable zone and they do not care if I am freezing. Blues and Macs on cut baits and time does not matter, these fish are a hungry group they will eat your shrimp or clams that you are baiting for Whiting, croaker and Pompano.

Our Blues are a smaller Blue fish eating mullet and other smaller fish, not bunker like those of north so not a gamy as those of the north, good table fare. Macís come through and bite any thing moves but again pretty good table fare, if they are your target try fishing them early a good mix of Blues in this group, cut mullet is preferred but a spoon will get their attention.

Pompano please try to catch the high tide, you will not have to cast as far and a piece of clam or a sand flea will get their attention. Clams and shrimp for the Whiting and they have been filing buckets, but then there is always a few Blues or Macs to try your bait, lots of rod benders from the surfs edge.

Pompano in the river, yes, catch that in coming water, the one area with the most has been the south end of Sail Fish Flats, just inside the inlet or how about Hells Gate with its deep cuts two great locations. Only problem what if you do not have boat, get out your tide charts a plan a trip to the bridge, two hours before high tide is the time using those little jigs. Some anglers will put a piece of bait on the hook others not but they will find the Pompano. Problem, the bite time has narrow but after these cold days and I am freezing, they may be there as you read this. As cold as it is the bite remains very good with Blues, Macs, Drum, Sheephead and Snapper to keep you busy while waiting for the Pompano. Bridges have had an excellent catch list. Boaters the

Reds have been at Walton Road and the Trout over to the east side in three feet of water. Reds like the cooler water but the Trout slow down, if your bait stops set the hook. Had some Pomps skipping at the north end of Herman's Bay, flats north of the Stuart Causeway and the bay at the House of Refuge not to mention those in the North Fork, it seams they are every where,now if I new what time they were eating it would help. Plenty of Blues, Jacks and Lady fish to keep busy also can you tell the difference between a Permit and a Pompano, there is a mix and they have different limits.

Pesky Sails at 100í, hard to catch a Dolphin when those spindle beaks are stealing all the bait. These cold temps have put them on the move, fish the color lines and please do not ignore the dark side. Sixty feet has been the favored depth for King Fish and use a rod with some line on it, heard about a few Wahoo in that zone. Cobia have been in front of the Holiday Inn in 40/60í eating live baits only, watch that size limit and the Snapper pick a reef send a shrimp down and get ready.

Spanish Macís south of the inlet at the KIng Fish Hole and I am still freezing even though the fishing has been pretty hot.

Have a great week and I will wear long pants next week................Henry


FISHING 1/ 12/ 14


          We could talk about the rain or the wind but today is Sunday and the sun is shining and the fish are biting.  Surf anglers are having a great day with all they have been waiting for.  Blue fish on cut baits with a mix of Macís to keep anglers busy and it is after noon.  A long cast is putting  Pompano in the bucket, clams and sand fleas preferred.  Plenty of Whiting with no effort on clam, shrimp and Fish Bites. It is about time for these species and they may have been with us all week but this is the first day anglers could go to the beach and not be blown out or have the rain drive you back to the car. Weather will be a little cool this week so wear a jacket but we will need the cool to keep the surf temps as perfect as can be, now if the wind will cooperate.

          River anglers were victims of all of the above and then on top of that bait was a problem.  Shrimpers could not get out so we  had a few then we were out, them more would show but never enough.  Even though times were narrow, location very few and still not enough shrimp to go around.  Pompano have made a good show across the Sail Fish Flats, had a few anglers tell me about them skipping behind their boat.  Had two anglers limit out in the deep water of Hells Gate and yes they were chewing at the bridges, favored bait,that little jig.   Trout bite has been excellent, the Power Plant area has been the location, one of the few locations that was favored, take your pick this week the fish are hungry.  A few Reds in the mix but you might want to check out the new bridge, just south of the Palm City bridge, I under stand this is the spot.  Pompano in the bay off Club Med, look to the deeper water, a good bite going.  Black Drum, Sheephead, Snapper and Macís, Blues,too many Lady Fish at the bridges, best would be to say busy fishing.

           Off shore, conditions, conditions not favorable till today, Sunday.  Yes the Spanish Macs are thick but when I think off shore it is Dolphin, Sails, Black Fins and Snapper that get the attention.  Sails were in that 100í zone north of our inlet, Kings in 60í and Dolphin at 80í. So you say up close, well those that did get out did not wonder to far but they were the only one out there any way.  Lets hope this week we will see more traffic this week, and have a good report for next week.

We do have shrimp at the moment,,,,,,

I think........................Henry



FISHING 1/5/14


        Conditions, conditions it has been a hard week, cold, wind and waves.  But after watching the weather in other areas, I love this place.   These sixty degree mornings will get the water to the temps that all the Pompano anglers have been waiting for, yes there were Pompano at the bridge and some at the surf, still not enough to set a pattern but the Pompano are here.  In the Club Med area of the North Fork down to Hells Gate, across the Sail Fish flats to the bridges at the causeway, not a lot but Pompano.  In coming tide and that little Jig were the combination.  Not enough to set a pattern but enough to make their presence known,  three pound fish.  But conditions ruled, not many anglers and those that did go spent just enough time to catch a few and then they were out of there, just not confortable conditions.  So looking at the forecast for this week plan your trip, check out the wind and find that spot where you will be away from it and yes catch some Pompano.  Good Trout bite in the river just look to the deeper water, three to four feet and slow down, not much on Reds this week but plenty of Trout.  No shortage of Macís  with a mix of Blues to cut every thing off so be ready have some wire leader or long shank hooks with you.  Yes we had a report of Pompano at the north end of Hermanís Bay but again not many anglers, if only the weather man would turn off the wind weapon. 

      Surf was heavy all week if not the white water it was the current, three or four ounces, it was this all week.  Those that did fish had no problems finding three pound Blues, plenty of Macs and enough Whiting to fill the bucket.  Yes there were Pompano and the Jacks I heard of it turns out they were Pompano, released so that means they are still there.  Sand fleas and clams for the Pomps, cut bait for the rest and the wind I wish I could do something about.  With the over cast days any time was a good time, dress warm.

       Off shore conditions were calling for high waves but with the time between them it was more like big swells, but it would have something to do with the size of the boat.  Me being an old man there is something about looking at the sky and then the water with nothing in between that says I will not be comfortable so like most I stayed home.   These cooler temps and sporty seas will bring on the Sails, the bite will start up close, 60í is where I would start and yes run a down bait.  Break out the teasers and use them, been a few Kings, some medium size Wahoo (down bait) and a reasonable Dolphin bite, just not many anglers, this could mean I am not the only old angler. 

         No matter the conditions we do not have to shovel and yes I can still where my shorts and flip flops.......




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