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December 2014



I am not sure if the weather could be any nicer if we rented and planned each day. Confortable temps, no wind, and polite sea conditions please give this weather man the job.

Dolphin not big but not peanuts, 15/20 pounds and 120’ a little north of the inlet, trolled baits are getting the attention. Every one I talked to had that water depth for Dolphin at 120’ because to go deeper all they were catching were Black Fins, fish to 25lbs now don’t we all feel bad. Has been some nice Kings in the 60’ range on trolled baits, have you tried that 31/2” King fish spoon
very quietly it seems there has been lot of interest. Bottom fishing, weather it is the Loran Tower or any one of our local reefs the Snapper are waiting in line to get a
sardine. Interesting part is the bite has been an all day top or bottom and yes in that mix has been been plenty of Sails.
Spanish Mac’s from just out side the inlet through out the area all the way to the Roosevelt and the North Fork, at the inlet it is one cast one fish. Indian river has had a great Trout bite all week, not big but plenty and the cool thing thing is the time, all day. As the day goes on just fish beeper, a jig with a shrimp on it gets plenty of attention. Pompano have been very spotty, from the bridge a high falling tide from the flats it is keep looking when you see one skip that is the place. Big Sheephead and Drum with plenty of Snapper and Blues, Jacks and more Macs have kept us busy all week.
Surf anglers have had great conditions most of the days, if was strong buy the time you made the call it had changed. Looking for those Pompano it is still that long cast, 4oz of lead on that 12’ rod will put you in the area, now if the fish are there? Plenty of Blues, Whiting, Mac’s to keep busy with so if the Pompano are not there who cares...............Henry


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