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December 2012

FISHING 12/30/12
So what is with getting up to sixty degree weather, does the weather man not know this is south Florida. The
bright side is that it is real cold to the north and my idea of north is Vero. As the temps cool the water the fish just go
to their comfort zone, deep water where the temps change slowly not over night. But we have a lot of fish that like the cooler
water, Blues, Macís and Pompano to name a few, maybe the cooler temps are not that bad after all.
Surf anglers like this west wind it will push the wave down make it more favorable for just being on the beach.
I will say fish early for numbers be it Blue Fish or Macís, cut bait has has been preferred it seems the sent has been the key,
normally I would say spoons but the cut baits have been on top this week, use a smaller hook to put the Macís up on the
beach. Whiting are there for the lunch time angler, the water will warm the Blues will back off and I come the big Whiting.
These fish like the warm water, they are a pitch away, if you cast you will be beyond them but not to worry the Jacks
are there all day. Pompano have just been a hard find, no pattern if they are there, cooler temps will bring them in.
In the river the Trout are deep and the Reds are shallow how easy is that. Red fish like the cooler water they can be found
against the east shore line in the mangroves or to the west hanging around the pilings of those long docks, one thing that has kept
anglers busy has been the live bait, shrimp has out fished the artificial. Trout are deep, like the mouth of Mud Creek or any channel, again live shrimp top the bait list. Now while you are looking the Blueís, Jacks, Macs to name a few will keep you busy and they donít care shallow or deep they just like shrimp. Bridges have been the spot with to many species to list but at the top it is Black Drum, big Sheep head and Blues. Sorry still looking for the Pompano, a few here and a few there but still not enough to say they are back. This is one of the species that like the cooler water and temps and these cold days will bring them in, ugh.
Off shore weather you fish north or south 150í is the depth, so pay attention to the temps in these zones. Sails and Dolphin
have been the target, trolled Ballyhoo the bait, live baits have been a hard find they like the warm water much the same as myself.  Plenty of small Cobia up close and then the Spanish Macís, to many to count. If you have not played with the Spanish come on down, 15 is the bag and that takes about 15 casts, please keep in mind some on has to clean all these fish, set your boat limit and then try to stick to it. Grouper is closed but still a lot of reef to play with, sardines are the preferred baits.
So after all my complaining about the cold maybe it is not so bad Iíll have to wear a jacket...................................Henry

FISHING 12/16/12

Well we had a good week of fishing both inshore and off. Weather was less than predictable from wind to no wind, sun to clouds, both warm and cool and then the showers it was all here this week.  Less than polite seas but still fishable, three to five feet but with some time in-between and if you had the right boat you were in the fish. North of the St. Lucie Inlet in 150í of water was the zone, some scattered weeds and a good color line made it all happen. Plenty of gaffer size Dolphin eating any ballyhoo that the Bonita's did not get, Sails were there for the show eating the ballyhoo the Bonita and Dolphin manage to miss.  Bite time was all day one just needed to be there, how big is your boat? >From sixty feet it was Grouper time, Reds, blacks, and Gags made the list with a good catch of all. Yes, bottom fishing will give plenty to talk
about but you have to know who is who. Get out the book, you have to know the difference, minimum length, and bag,if that is not enough you will have to fight your way past twenty pound Amber Jacks, plenty of action.
Big baits make for big catchís when reef fishing, bigger pin fish are the preferred serving, my arms are hurting just talking about the catch. Captain Pat Price of Day Maker Carters has invited me to come along but I will wait for summer when I do not have to put a top on my cup.
Surf has been fishable one day and not the next, one hour then not, one of those weeks. On the catch list it has been Blues and Macís early for numbers, cut bait has put them on the hook. Pompano for the long cast, small but a lot of them to sort through, clams and sand fleas preferred, take your time the bite has been all day. Whiting and Croaker around lunch time, bring the ice you will want to keep your catch fresh.
Pick a beach from FT. Pierce to Hobe Sound we have had reports, good fishing but the conditions are what makes it happen.
River anglers the Trout are in four feet of water, they prefer water temps that do not change, the comfort zone. Look at the channels, slow your retrieve and you will find them, because they are deep pick the time and come on down. Reds like the cooler water and they will be in that two foot of water but then so will the Blues and Jacks. Slow your retrieve Blues and Macís and Jacks prefer and faster moving bait, they can not stand to have something getting away. Early has been best but with our over cast mornings you could just about pick the time, but you will need moving water. Pompano in and out is the best I can do for this species, be the bridges or the crossroads I give up trying to predict their presents. One thing for sure if you fishing the river or the bridges and pompano is the target that little Jigging Spoon is the bait, with the teaser or with a piece of clam that is up to the angler, those little spoons just work. Lots of other stuff at the bridges Black Drum, Sheephead, Snapper, Pompano, Blues , Macs, Jacks, Lady fish the list goes on, bridges have been the go to location for numbers, lots  of fish and shrimp will get them all. Now if this weather will just settle down..............................................HENRY

FISHING 12/9/12

Off shore, seas are polite, so polite even I gave some thought to fishing and that means real polite. Still early for the Stuart light tackle results but the numbers at this time look a lot better then last week, 114 releases and there is still more time. Listening to the radio and hearing about all those pesky Dolphin and Black Fins getting in the dredges and making a mess of any thing that looked like a teaser, sorry but it sounded good to me. The ďPesky DolphinĒ started at one hundred feet of water, those ďPesky Black FinsĒ were in two hundred feet and if I were fishing Sails are not my target but let me have shot at those ďPesky FishĒ and I will be a happy angler. From the start I would run my baits baits closer
to gather as apposed to spread out, if the dredge is what they want it is worth a try. If it is Black Fins I would start at 200í knowing they are looking at teaser I would have them all out, the little difference is mine would all have hooks in them. I Want to see just how Pesky they can be. So the Dolphin started at 100í and the action went on from there, ballyhoo was the favored bait and the bite started at mid morning, never caught a fish with a watch on, how do they know? Finally some King Mackerel made a showing in the 60í area, not big fish but nice size to take home. Not a word on bottom fish,not sure why conditions have been excellent, sardines have been a hard find and mullet work just fine so what is the problem. Mackerel have moved in to the Hole, bigger Macís have been there in the evening, green jigs and Clark spoons 1RBMS have been the baits, watch your limit some one will have to clean all those when you get back.
Surf anglers had a good week with Pompano and Blues being the target. We had reports from Ft. Pierce to Hobe Sound at differing times but a lot of good catch's were reported. Lots of sand fleas on the surfs edge made for good fishing but clams were the favored for the Pompano. Cut baits and Spoons for the Blues and Macís, early for the numbers but we had fish reported all day, weather was perfect. Looking for the Whiting, wait till mid morning when the sun warms warms that edge then a pitch to the trough will find them, do not forget the ice.  In the river it has been the bridges with a long catch list from Black Drum to Ribbon fish and every thing in between, shrimp has been the bait and the good part has been it has been all day. Blues, Ma ís, Pompano, flounder and the list goes on, not a lot of any one species but a lot of fish. Pompano were a the east bridges until the Macís moved in, as they left the Pompano were back and then the Blues and Macís would show, it was in and out all day. Reds were north at the cove on the north side of Nettles up to Big Mud in the shallow water, angler were sure they were mullet until they were right up on them. Some Trout reported along with Flounder but he Reds were the target. River has slowed down, salt water is moving back into the St. Lucie river, you might want to check out the Hells Gate area if you are a Pompano fan, marker 19# for Macís, I am just not a fan of fresh water in our rivers. Snook season closes on the 15th, if you are going to get one more this is the week, pick a bridge after sun down, meet you there.
Till next ...........................Henry

FISHING 12/2/12

Yes the sun was shining all week and so was the wind blowing, so what does do for fishing? Wind this week kept the surf anglers watching, river anglers on the east side, off shore tied to the doc and bridge anglers happy. As we always say the more the wind blows the better the Snook Fishing.  River anglers in spite of the wind had an excellent week with a long catch list, on the east side it was Reds early with a mix of Blues , Jacks, Macís, Flounder, Trout, Snook and I know I forgot a few like the Drum and Sheephead. Live shrimp were favored but that suspending bait did not disappoint me. Red fish early in the skinny water at the base of the Mangroves around docks and plenty in the channel across from the House of Refuge, not a few but plenty of slot fish. Anglers using shrimp found a good mix of Flounder, not a limit but all took home a pair or three, let that bait go to the bottom on those edges and you will know when this species is on. Trout were in the deeper water, three feet plus looking for their comfort zone and moving slowly, so if your bait stops set the hook, lots of nice fish. Anglers fishing south of the Stuart Causeway across Sail Fish flats were limiting on Pompano using little jigging spoons, good bite through out the day. How lucky we are that we live in an area that offers great access no matter conditions. Blues, Macís and Jacks everywhere, no time limits just lots of them eating any thing that moves, lots of rod pullers. Now the bridges were interesting with not a few but a lot of Sheephead and plenty of Black Drum, then the above three and mix in the Ribbon Fish and bigger Flounder and there were a lot of happy anglers. Bridges at the east ends were the location for the Pompano, with a short bite time you just had to go, crazy times all day with that little jigging spoon, if you were lucky to be there at the right time it was a limit catch. Snook bite, all over size so take the barbs off the hooks and wait for sun down, when that Flair Hawk stops set the hook. River has been the location for fish in spite of the wind.  Surf has been a hard call all week, not so polite seas have kept more anglers looking than fishing. When one was able to fish it was three ounce or better to hold, Pompano were the target, Blues in the mix a hard call.

Anglers that did fish reported fish but with the wind not sure it was worth the effort, lots of sand blowing and some hard wave action. Yes the pompano were there and the blues were up close, clams and cut bait preferred.  Off shore was less than a great week, only boats out were the tournament anglers. Finest Kind Quickie was the slowest I can remember, for two day fishing six fish won and if you going to play in this group one had best have all their ducks in row. As I sit here writing I am waiting for the results of the Pirates Cove Tournament and is looks like 153 fish were released, twenty one boats and "Chasin Tail" was the top with 17 releases, finally fish.

Is just because we are use to fishing in great conditions that a little wind has us all talking????????????.............Henry



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