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April 2015

 FISHING 4/5/15
         Well if the weather was any nicer we would have had to say we rented these days.
In shore or off shore the conditions have been perfect, and the fish are hungry. 
         Off shore with mild conditions it was plenty of Dolphin with a mix of Sails and
Cobia enough to make you tired.  The Dolphin were in 100’ trolling or live baits, take your
pick.  A few bigger fish were caught but it was all about small Dolphin and plenty of them.
These fish were in the 10/15 pound class so have your pitch rods ready and  keep in mind
it ok to release them.  Now about these Cobia, minimum size is 33” to the fork and your limit
1 per angler, 6 per boat and you have to be fast.  Plenty of sharks keep the cobia on the move
so if you hook one get ready because the sharks find them an easy dinner.  Live baits have kept most
anglers busy but that 2oz  jig has put more than one in the boat.  A rod that has a lot of hart with
30lb line and gaff that works is what it will take.  Most anglers reported a good Snapper bite
off local reefs and Cobia in the mix, but you have to be fast, Sharks.
       From the beach it is Snook early, just as the suns peaking  thru casting floater diver like
Bombers, Yozuri, Wind cheaters will find them.  Yes small pin fish will work but you have to
fish early, Walton Rocks, County Line, House of Refuge and south from Bath Tub beech are
a few locations to visit, early.   The rest of the day its Croaker and Whiting and plenty of
them, a piece of shrimp,clam or Squid will keep you busy.  All nice size fish so do not forget
the ice, exclent table fare.
       Big bright sun, river anglers you have to fish early.  Trout and Red’s are plenty, till that sun comes
out.  Very little wind has opened the river to your choice, plenty of Trout on that east side and the
Reds are on the west side and there is a mix on both sides.  Trout like the grass beds and the Reds
just love those long docks of witch we have plenty.  Shrimp on a jig, soft rubber or small mid running
bait has been getting a lot of attention. After sun up look to fish the shaded water and slow down,
give the fish a chance to locate your bait. Plenty of Drum and Snapper at the bridges, deeper water and
moving water keeps them on location and them about those Snook.  After sun down  look to fish the
light lines, cast your  bait in to the current and then let the tide do the work, just keep your line tight.
Must be good for Snook, no one is saying, selling lots pins and fillet knives,,,,ummmmmmmmmm.
FISHING 4/12/15
         As nice as the weather, why not go to the surf.  Conditions are perfect, Snook in the morning from before
sun up, right at your feet.  Cast a Bomber lure or Yozuri, Wind Cheater or any  floater diver lure and  hang on.
Yes live bait will get them but a lure and a walk watching  the sun rise makes for a great day.  Most of these
Snook are shorts  but  they will tire you quick.  The best part is they are there and the next one might be in the slot.
Big Whiting and Croaker after sun up, again the weather has been perfect.  A short time of sun on the beach will get
the water warmed and if you are looking to take home a catch you are at the right spot.  Anglers are all saying the
biggest all year, I can taste them all ready.
        Fishing the river after dark with the light from  the bridges has put some big Snook to the camera.  Most anglers
have been fishing Flair Hawks,  sliding them slowly across the bottom.  Watch for moving water and pay attention
to the light lines, most will be well over the slot, release them as quickly as possible.  Thirty pound braid and forty
pound leader, fished from a stout rod is all that is needed and some luck and it is just that easy.  Black Drum at the
Roosevelt bridge that the reason for all the people, not that they they are not at the other bridges but the Roosevelt
has been out of control.  Snapper on the falling tide, shrimp will find them, plenty of Jacks will keep you busy and
the Lady Fish will keep you awake.  Trout in the Power Plant area with a mix of Reds. the bite is early, summer fishing.
         150’ this week is where it has started, not as many anglers to report and I know the fish are happy.  Anglers
report a few of every thing not a lot of any. Dolphin were of size but not many, trolled bally hoo  caught their attention,
bite time was early.  Not sure that they just stopped  fishing for the Dolphin because it seemed I heard a lot about
bottom fish and I think the Cobia might have some thing to do with that.  As soon as the sun got up I think most
anglers started looking for the cobias.  I would like to say they found them but with out the number of winter folks
the seas just have become a lot quieter, one thing for sure everybody had plenty to take home and yes they did find
the Cobia. How about a six pound Lyon fish from the Loran Tower, tasty......................HENRY
 fishing 4/19/15
              Getting back to normal, many of our visitors have gone back to where ever,
now we can get back to our favored fishing areas and even the fish know.
            Off shore the Cobia are still keeping anglers busy, fish are in the 30b class
and that’s a lot of Cobia.   Yes the sharks are with them but it seems we are getting
better at getting them to the boat.  Sand Pile and Bull Shark barge are easy to locate
just look for all the boats, well not as many as two weeks ago but still plenty.   Live bait
has been the answer, and there must be plenty no one is calling on the radio.  Dolphin
are getting some attention, several reports 115’ more 125’ and still more from 180’.
Finally the Cobia have taken all the space in the freezer and the Dolphin are getting the
attention, trolled ballyhoo and live baits around the weed lines 20pound class, nice fish.
Black Fins have been small but plenty at the Hill and if you are a bottom angler the Snapper
bite has been excellent
          Walking the beach and watching the sun come up is the best.  Being a Snook fan
now is the time.  Fish are up close and hungry but watch your bite time, if you are watching the
sun rise that is the time.  Most are short, having a reason to be there is half the battle. This
week we had a few runs of Pompano at the beach, no special time, no pattern they just were
there.  We had several reports from Hobe Sound about Pompano, early was the bite time but
high tide sure brings them in.   Bring the ice, plenty of big Whiting and Croaker to take home.
          Fishing the river, it seems that we are getting a lot of calls about KAYAK anglers, please
have some kind lights on your boat, they will keep you from becoming that “speed bump”.
Enough about that lets catch a fish, Tarpon  we are hearing a lot about Tarpon cursing the
bridges in the dark hours, big Tarpon.  These fish will take your equipment home so pay
attention.  Good Trout bite with a mix of Reds and with all the pilchards there is plenty of
Jacks, Lady Fish, Snook and Tarpon to keep you busy.  Fish early it is summer time or fish
the shaded water slowly you will have a busy day.
      Have a great week............HENRY

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