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February 2013

FISHING 2/24/13
How about this beautiful weather, cool evenings and warm days with plenty of sunshine, I am not sure it be any nicer.
Our warm temps have kept some of our winter species at bay but there are a few that seem to like it. Surf anglers looking
for that run of Pompano are still waiting for a pattern, Blue fish are there just not the numbers that we have seen in the past.
If Blues are the target be there at the coolest part of the day, sun up. If you are watching the sun come up, cut bait will get
the attention you are looking for. If you are catching numbers then you can switch to a spoon, the sent of the cut bait will
bring them to your bait and if they are schooled up the spoon with its flash will get their attention. Pompano, well no pattern
to report, with some at Walton Rocks, County Line on south to the inlet it has been a hard call. Pompano have been in and out,
some small and large but with no pattern they have anglers waiting, no special time or tide, just when they feel like it.
Up side has been the Whiting, all day and excellent size, a piece o shrimp or Fish Bites and you are in the fish, the best table fare.
Playing in the Inlet it has been Blues and Macís, along the rock jetty, best part is they are there all day. Spoons and cut baits
will keep you busy, best part is the Macís are all large, Blue Fish are 3 to 4 pounds.
Off shore was interesting with most action reported in 50/80í, Sails,Kings,and Cobia topping the list and yes there were a
few Dolphin. Deeper at the 150í mark it was weeds, color and bait but no fish, anglers found their fish on the way in, shallow.
Small Ballyhoo and live baits kept the rods bent, yes the Cobia were small but there plenty over 33Ē. Anglers were talking
about the schools of big Jacks, twenty to forty pound Jackís. Jackís big enough to pull the boat,now if we could get them to
pull the boat back to the inlet we could save a gallon or two.
River fishing has been good all week with anglers reporting limits of Trout and Reds on lures and live baits, from many locations.
Only problem is the Blues, Jacks and Lady fish are here in force and they will eat or tear off what ever you are casting. Water is a little
cool so slow your retrieve down, if the bait stops set the hook. Snook, pick bridge after the the sun goes down, cast your bait
up into the current and again if your bait stops set the hook. A few Pompano at the bridges again no pattern, fishing from a boat
spend your time closer to the inlet, Pompano we have heard of have been silver in color a sure tip they just came into our river.
Nice weather and nice fishing, could it be any better....................................HENRY

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