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February 2014

Fishing 2/23/14

Well the weather has been perfect, lots of sun, moderate temps a little wind and lets just say perfect. This is the time of the year when you find out why it is called fishing and not catching. Depends on who you talk to and where they were fishing.

Where are the Dolphin, that is the question. It seems from the anglers that I talk with these fish are south of the inlet in 200í, south to the loran tower. Then there is the angler that was in 200í straight out of our inlet that caught all he wanted. Trolling was the answer, taking dinner to the fish, covering more of the area and the one thing they both talked of was the color lines. Cobia anglers were another group, the fish were there just not chewing, at least not like last week. Yes, the numbers have gotten less, you just need to cover more of the area, slow down and pay attention, you will see them, have a pitch rod rigged and ready.

It seems the Permit were the easy target this week, anglers found plenty looking for the Cobia, or both it was live bait to get their attention. Now if you are a Snapper fan, pick a reef, send a ardine down and it will be a Lane, Mangrove or a Mutton getting your attention. Know your ag limits and species so as to not ruin a perfect day.

Surf anglers what can I say, think about the time of day and the tide that you had a great day at the beach. Cooler temps for the Blues and that means early morning, cut bait preferred. Pompano love the most environment, high tide, do not care what time, two hour before through two hour after, sand fleas and clams preferred. Now for the best table fare. Lots of Whiting, and they are there all day, just fish up close. Shrimp, clams, fish bites, itís easy to feed this group. Looking just to bend a rod the surf is the place, something going all day with bait or lures, do not forget the sun block.

Snook fishing has picked up with the warmer water temperatures in the river. Live baiting in the St. Lucie river has produced fish in good numbers. Docks from the 10 cent bridge to the Roosevelt held fish for both morning and night anglers. Hard plastic plugs like the Yo-Zuri Crystal minnow work as well.

Fishing from the Jensen Causeway has produced a mixed bag of Mackerel, Drum, Sheepshead, Snook, and a few Pompano from the East side relief bridge. Up to the North around Bear point, Trout, Ladyfish, Jacks and even heard of a school of Redfish or two.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


FISHING 2/16/14

What did we do before we had all these convinces that break down and make us crazy????

Last weeks fishing report was lost to cyber land and this week we will try the fax machine, I think.

Pompano and more Pompano, from the surf, the bridges and the flats, mix a Permit and a few

Jacks  and that is what attracts the most attention.  >From the surf catch the high tide, you will not have to cast as far.  Favored baits this week have been sand fleas and clam, not that they will not eat shrimp but it seems to hold more attention.  If you are using frozen sand fleas make sure they are thawed be for putting them on the hook, like really thawed and then the shell will not break and they will stay on the hook during the cast.  Yes, a medium light is good but the high tide no matter the time or that long cast will find them.  Plenty of Blues, use a cut bait to locate them then you can cast a spoon, three pound fish a plenty at the dawn hour.  Whiting and Croaker to pull a rod  all day, the best table fare, just a pitch from from the edge will find them, do not forget the ice and the bucket.


Pompano in the river, this is a must, you have to catch the high tide, the most environment.  With that

high tide comes the current, so two hour before too two hour after is when you will have the most water and the most fish.  From the bridges is is that little jogging spoon and slow down, let the jig go to the bottom and lift it slowly then let it fall.  If the water is clear go tot a lighter leader, but please watch your tide charts, am or pm makes no difference.  Fishing the flats it would seem they are every where, had two anglers come in the shop buy boat and both commented on the Pomnps skipping behind the store.  Heard about them at the north end of Hermanís Bay, Middle Cove and south to the Sail Fish Flats.  If I were boating and Pompano were my target it would be the Sail Fish Flats, catch that in coming water with a small jig, Sand fleas and shrimp and hang on. If the Pompano donít make you crazy the Bone fish will, Bone Fish, not sure why but all anglers I talk to have

commented about , where did all the Bone fish come from.  The there is Hells Gate and the bay at Club Med, lot of talk about Pompano.  If there are any anglers looking for Trout, look to the Power Plant area in three to four feet of water, slow your bait, water is cool and the fish are moving slow but they are there, mid morning has been best.  Shrimp, pin fish and DOA shrimp on an out going tide seem to be the ticket for Snook all week, lots of shorts and few over the slot, but that slot fish has been a hard find, cool water.  Plenty of Drum and big Sheephead with a mix of Sapper to keep you busy and then the Pompano, fishing the bridges has been busy.

Off shore it is Cobia and more Cobia if I am not talking about Pompano it is Cobia.  Funny no one even ask about the Dolphin  or Sails it is all Cobia.   Go out the inlet and go north, twenty to forty feet of water, look for the bait pods, catch a bait or two and put them back where you got them.  Cobia are looking to eat and if you are on a bait school why would the fish not be there. Just motor up on a group, shut down and wait a few minutes they will come back up, plenty of Cobia from the Sand Pile, Barge just pick a reef and be patient.  Plenty of small fish be sure it is at least 33Ē before you sick them, use a net when not sure and yes the man gray  suit is with them, so do not be to quick to reach over that boat. Dolphin, a few not to many anglers have them on the target list but I would be looking from the 150í zone.  Plenty of pesky Sails and the bottom fishing has been excellent.  Lots of rod benders, one just has to get a bait wet.

Till next week lets hope I can get the tech boys here to get me back in the mix..................Henry


FISHING 2/2/14

            Sunny and eighty degrees, a little wind from the south east, south Florida I love this place.

            Surf anglers it is a beautiful day but the Pompano are not cooperating , lots of small fish,

some anglers have caught ten and not one in the limit.  Well  we know the Pompano are here so where are the big fish?  Pompano are a school fish and they run in about the same size, very seldom will you find a larger fish in the school or very seldom will find a small fish in a school of large but where there is one you will find the other.  We would all like to say a longer cast will find the one you are looking for but some times the fish you are looking for could be on the short side.  If you are in a school of small fish try casting your bait beyond or just a short cast and let your bait set for a few moments that could be your answer.  Still waiting for some Blue fish reports but the small Pomp's seem to be holding the attention. Cut bait for the Blues fish them early, excellent table fare, three to five pounds perfect table size.  I have heard about them at many beach access points,  in the mix is Macís and Jacks plenty of rod pullers, locate them with a piece of meat then you can cast a spoon.   Still plenty of Whiting and Croaker so you might say dinner is sure catch.

          Off shore the Dolphin have been a hard find, not sure why conditions are perfect.  Polite seas make color lines easy to read, baits easy to locate have you tried adding your teaser to your spread.  Slow down and let your baits out further, run them closer, try adding a Mylar skirt to your baits do not be afraid to change thing around.  Fish that I have heard of have been at the 150í mark, try running deeper, been some Sails on the weeds with plenty of Snapper for the bottom anglers.  Cobia seemed to have spread out but you can still find them in that 20/40 feet of water north of the Jensen Beach, live baits preferred. Keep an eye out for the Permit, they are in the mix.  Spanish Macís a plenty south of the inlet, start a chum line with some glass minnows and the fish will come to you, stay out of the commercial group.

           Trout are deep, anglers reporting fish in channels and deep water, not a lot but fish.  Most said a lot of effort to find and put one in the boat, hard when you can see areas around you with activity.  Slot Reds in schools, when one is on  the rest scatter, so where did they go, direction. Pay attention you know it will happen so watch the school, then you know where to drift, soft rubber baits were on the list.  Blues and Jacks provided most of the action this week, they donít care when one is on the rest will come to see what he is eating, not sure about this group.  Pompano made a show a the

bridges today early afternoon, high tide on the jigging spoons, five seemed to be the catch limit.  Then Snook season opened on the first, no fan fare.  Did not see many anglers but those that did go using a flair hawk found fish, five for six seemed to be the number and you guess it all short, well a least we know they are there, water has to warm a bit but I know they are there. 

Oh well just another beautiful day in south Florida...............................HENRY

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