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December 2013

FISHING 12/29/2013

Spanish Macís are every where, in the flats, on the surf edge, bridges and plenty off shore.  If you are a Mackerel fan come on down, pick a location, a little piece of cut bait and you are in the fish. Fifteen is the bag and that is a lot of fish to clean, please set your limit before you  go.  From the bridges the Black Drum and Sheephead  are keeping anglers busy using pieces of shrimp if you can keep the Macís away from your bait.  Just drop your bait next to a bridge piling or a pier pole and they will be waiting.  Drum and Sheephead any time is good, Snapper bite has been more to the moving tide and the Macís just put your bait in the water.  Some Pompano this week, water is warm, waiting for a cold snap to bring them in.  Yes, Snook is closed so take the barbs off the hooks for a quick easy release, they know the season is closed so they will eat about any thing that the Macís donít take first.

North east wind has kept anglers on the east side of the river, flat water, no turbity.  Trout and Reds were busy this week from Bear Point south to Blind Creek, taking top water, jigs and live shrimp.  Tide made the difference, high out going worked like magic.  Made no difference to the Macís and Blues they came through and if it moved they bit, easy to get along with this group.  Few Pompano in the Sail Fish Flats, few at Hells Gate but a few was about it.  Did I mention the Spanish Mackerel ?  Snook season is closed and they know it.

Off shore was sporty with four to six foot seas close together, it was work not a relaxing day on the water. 100í feet of water was the zone, Dolphin and Sails made up the day on trolled baits, I believe the catch could have been better, great conditions for Sails but hard on the anglers.   Yes just south of the St. Lucie it is one cast one fish, Spanish Macs, watch that limit, how many fish do you want to clean.

Surf anglers it has been 4oz days all week, still plenty of Whiting but there has been some  Blues and Pompano in the mix.  Over cast days have made for good fishing now if we could just turn down the wave machine.  Any time was good for the Whiting but it was high tide for the others.  Cut baits for the Blues and clams and sand fleas for the Pompano but the water needs to get a little a little cooler to bring in the school.   Looking for the Pomps and Blues fish early, catch the coolest water of the day, best bet. Now the Macís are coming through biting every thing so bring some long shank hooks and keep in mind who is going to clean all these fish, Spanish Mackerel every where.

Have great week, keep us posted on your catch...........................Henry


Fishing 12 /23/13

Cool mornings but not cold, a little over cast but the sun burned its way through, not bad this week weather man.  Wind laid down most of the morning and then picked up as the afternoon wore on and the sun stayed on keeping the temps to my liking.  All and all not bad for a December week.

Cooler tamps have moved the Sail fish to our door and it you are not catching you are doing something wrong.  These fish have been north of our inlet in 80í and hungry, pay attention to your color lines and troll both sides.  These are migrating fish, not the biggest Sails but the most in numbers, not unusual to have multiple hook up so pay attention.  When that fish hits look a round and make sure that the rest of the school is not there with yours. I can tell you where the fish are and baits but with two or three Sails on jumping and dancing behind the boat you are on your own.  Interesting that in the whole mix has been some excellent Dolphin, 15/25lb fish, pesky fish that they are and some small Kings, but fish early as the wind picks up so do the conditions, check your chart, look to the 240 line.  As Captain VJ Bell will tell you size does matter, with his fifty some foot ďSea CheckĒ.  Captain Pat Price tells me Grouper season closes on the first, well until the seas settle down they will be safe from me, just because mine is a small boat and I am old, so there take that you two.

Surf has been a sporty depending on the hour and the day.  Fish early for the quiet surf, still waiting for the Pompano and Blues to start.  Seas are right, temps are right  and I know the baits are correct, so that must mean the fish do not read this column.  Any day, any hour they will start and the only way to know is to go, cut bait for the Blues, clams and sand fleas for the Pompano.  Put a bait out there and give it sometime, patients.   Whiting continue to hold attention, lots of big Whiting, the best table fare, bring the ice.

River, Black Drum, Sheep-head, Snapper, Trout, Flounder and the list goes on.  Cooler water has moved the Trout to the deeper water, three to four feet with a slow presentation will find plenty.  Reds will be in the shallow water they like the cooler water and any where you are targeting Trout the Reds will be there just cast to the shallow. Flounder have been an incidental , just there, one and two for all anglers just not a limit.  Pompano have been on the catch list, just spotty the only place I have had good reports has been in the deeper area of Hells Gate on the out going tide.  Bridges have been the hot spot, to many Drum, Snapper, Macís, Blues and no mater where you are fishing the Lady Fish rule.  Fish early, then as the day moves on look to the flat water, afternoon wind will move you around.


        Have great Christmas, catch ďyíallĒ  next week...............................Henry



FISHING 12/15/13

In spite of the weather man we had a nice week, when he turned off the wind he did the same with the sun, so we will fish around him. Lets go catch a fish.

Surf was a little strong this week, with three to four foot waves all week, time for that 12í rod, winter mode. Did not see a lot of anglers this week, thank you weather man, three to four ounces of lead to hold. Those that came fished later in the day, wind slowed down and it was Whiting, big Whiting kept all busy.

A few Macís some Blues even a Pompano or two but the Whiting controlled the show, excellent table fare. Best part was it seemed they were every where, anglers were catching from north to south from every access. A bucket of ice, some shrimp to cut up in pieces or clam and twenty minutes and your bucket was full, that simple.

River anglers had to work a little harder to get away from the wind unless you fished the North Fork. With mother nature back in control and plenty of bait why would the fish not be there. With its many turns and treed shore line, what wind. That bridge at Pt. St. Boulevard it is Snook and Drum, going south to the bay at Club Med, Pompano, Trout a few Reds and more Drum, Snook and Flounder also made the catch list, a good week in the St Lucie river.

Hells Gate had Pompano in the deep pockets one just had to get a bait below the Lady fish and yes the Spanish Macís were there biting any thing that moved. Wind kept most anglers in the Indian River on the move from Middle Cove south, Trout in 3 to 4 feet of water, Reds were in 2 feet and the Macís and Lady fish were every where. Coves at the east ends of the causeways were busy with some quality Trout, a few Pompano and real nice Flounder, then the wind changed thank you weather man.

So it is time to take the barbs off the hooks, Snook season is closed, you can fish but not possess, release unharmed as quickly as possible, barbless hooks work.

Four foot seas were the norm all week, maybe we are getting use to these conditions, all week it was how deep and not a mention of conditions. That 100/150ft of depth is holding, from north to south those were the numbers. It was nice Dolphin with a mix of Sails unless you fishing the Light Tackle tournament then it was pesky Dolphin. Trolled ballyhoo was the bait and time did not seem to make a difference. Kings and Wahoo we will never know unless some one puts a bait down to their neighborhood, again this week not a word.

Till next week please run a bait down.....................Henry


FISHING 12/8/13

Well the change of season is here and the cooler temps have moved some species in and some out but for the moment every body is here. From Tarpon that like it warm to Blue fish that like it cold, migrating Sails to Permit at the boils, fishing has been excellent.

This morning we were talking about Sails from 110í eating trolled baits to what do I use for Permit and big Tarpon at the Boils, three different anglers all at the same time. The first angler wanted Dolphin and those pesky Sails were eating all his bait. He was fishing north of the our inlet but we had the same reports from the south, it is Sail time and yes there are Dolphin in the weed lines from 80í out, just have to watch out for those pesky Sails. Now if you entered in one of the Sail fish tournaments it would have been pesky Dolphin, 15/25 pound fish, nice pesky Dolphin. Permit and big Tarpon now I am confused, crabs for the permit and they will get the attention of the Tarpon, to many species to keep up with. Bottom fishing is has been the Snapper that is holding attention, from 40í on sardines, mix in a Grouper or two and please know your limits on the Grouper. With seas that have been a little sporty at times, off shore saw some nice catch's this week. Plenty of Spanish Macís south of the Inlet, one cast one fish.

Lots of big Whiting for the surf angler all week and yes every other species was there just not all the time.

Pompano at County Line late in the day, Bob Graham access early, no pattern, just there. Same for the Blues, in and out again no special time and when there is was for a short time. Clams for the Pompano, cut bait for the Blues and the Macís were every where all the time with a mix of Jacks eating any thing you threw. Looking for dinner it is the Whiting, there is no bad way to fix them, good hot and cold, so I would say surf fishing was pretty good all week even if you had to use 3oz to hold.

River anglers had the wind to deal with all week, if not getting blown east it was south and about the time you found a flat spot the wind changed directions. Coves to the north, Middle Cove, Blind Creek, north end of Herman's Bay to name a few had a good bite of Trout, small Reds, Blues and Pompano and then the wind went north west and the anglers moved not sure if the fish left. Had a good bite of pompano at that north end of Herman's bay Thursday and a few afternoon bites from the bridges and then the wind would change it all. No matter where you fish the water is cooling so slow your baits down, give the fish a chance to get them. Bridges were busy with Mangroves, Drum, Macís and Snook, the only location where you were not blown away buy the wind. Snook Closes on the 15th will reopen February first, it has been one good season.

Have a great week.....................FRED


FISHING 12/01/13

Another week of wind and rain, not a lot of rain but rain. Winter not sure if I am ready but the fish are.

Off shore it is Sail Fish season, with cooler temps and a mix of water conditions, defiantly winter. Wind this week kept most in but there were a few who just had to go and catch fish they did. Most started at seventy feet, that was the area the waves were not as close and one could see what was going on. South of the St. Lucie inlet was the favored area not quite to the tower and the box was full or maybe the anglers had enough.

Sails were plenty and the Dolphin bite was excellent, mix a few small Kings and one can see enough was enough. Seas were sporty, but the conditions were perfect if you are a Sail Fish fan, with a hand full of nice Dolphin fishing has been good for the anglers, now if the seas would slow down an old man like me might give it a try.

There were few days in the week for the surf fans to get a line wet, four ounce and cut baits top the list. Blue fish and Spanish Macís made up most of the catch with some legal Pompano for the long casters. Time was not an issue we just had to wait for the wind to slow, over cast sky's all week gave anglers that option. Not many Pompano this week because not many anglers are quite ready for this winter fishing but defiantly the Pompano are with us, now about this weather man.

River was excellent all week with lots of big Trout reported. From Little Mud south to the Sail Fish Flats, east or west side it has been an perfect week for Reds and Trout. Shrimp was the favored bait this week with most fish being over the slot and you might need your rain gear, the fish are all ready wet. Had a few Pompano reported but not many anglers, thank you weather man. These fish were caught from the bridges but it was the Flounder that stole the show.

Three to six pounds were the treat, so if you did not get a pompano who cares, I sure like the Flounder. Plenty of activity at the bridges with along catch list of all of the above and you can add the Blues, Macís and Drum to the list but the Flounder stole the show. Over cast and rain so any time was good, di I mention the weatherman?

Yes, Pat of Day Maker charters is young and VJ Bell with Sea Check has the big boat and I donít care I am old and I am not going.

Trust ďyou allĒ have great Thanksgiving, catch up with you next week, if we do not get washed a way..............HENRY

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