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February 2015

 2/01/15 FISHING
          Oh well the wind had a lasting impression on our off shore
anglers, a rock and role impression.   Less than polite seas cut many a
trip short.  Yes we had Dolphin with a mix of Sails starting at about
150’ or maybe at the blue water line would be a better mark.  When asked
how many most had the same reply, till I put two in the box or it was
a lot less friendly than it looked.  Still had a few that weathered  it all
to find the Cobia, 20’ to 40’ a little to sporty for me.  Live baits kept all
anglers happy, I know they were not pulling ballyhoo but they were catching
fish..  Spanish Mac’s were up and down, the cold water would turn them off
quickly and it did get cold, turn that sun on for an few hours and they would
back like they never left.
          Good Red Fish bite in the north end of the river, Walton Road north.
West side has been the favored location fishing the docks, look too fish the deeper
locations, slow the retrieve.  Plenty of Tout, Blues, Jacks to keep you busy,
from many locations as long as starts in 3’ to 4’ and stays deep, slow retrieve.
Heard a lot about Snook, season opened the first, the anglers that were catching
were all fishing Flair Hawks, assorted weights and colors.  Pick a bridge, watch
for that shadow line, slow retrieve and be ready to set the hook, 28’' to 32” is
the slot.  Lots of other fish Drum, Jacks, Mac’s mix in the Blues and a few
Flounder with a touch of Pompano made for a nice day,a little cold but  still
a nice day.
          Surf anglers just watched the wind change directions but the hour, west
was good,east impossible but there were fish all day.   Blue Fish kept most
busy, cut bait is favored but clams would get their attention.  In the mix was
plenty of Mac’s and Jacks, yes there were some Pompano just not enough.  Now
if we can back to our normal temps I know we will get back to our normal fishing.
Not sure weather I am old or just a wimp when it comes to this cold but .........H


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